Z0NE for GearVR Delivers at PAX East 2015

Last week I had such an awesome time out at GDC in San Francisco. Check back soon and I'll be posting a massive video covering the whole week. I hit not only the expo floor but also every big party. All along, letting everyone I met give Z0NE a try.

I landed in NYC later afternoon on Saturday and then woke up at 4 AM to drive four hours up to Boston to catch the last day of PAX East, one of the largest consumer video game expos. Out at GDC I discovered that the best possible place to demo Z0NE is right outside the Oculus booth where people are standing for hours to get a Crescent Bay or GearVR demo. So I did the same thing all day at PAX and it was such a blast. It was like I was handing out cold drinks to people waiting in line to get into a ballgame. Of course, I captured the entire day on video.