Rift Wars Demo Released!

Starfox meets Geometry Wars, Reimagined for VR

Shoot the Cubes. Collect the Gems. Go Faster.

Last night, I had an excellent conversation with Kyle from the Rev VR Podcast. The episode is now live. On the show, I announced the release of the fully playable Rift Wars demo.

This is a single, three minute, time attack level. My high score, so far, is 725,000. I am very eager to see who breaks one million first. Please let me know if you do it!

Left stick controls your craft. Right stick aims your gun.
Left trigger fires your tractor beam. Right trigger shoots your gun.

Shoot the cubes. Gems will fly out when they explode. Use head tracking to center them in your view and lock-on to them. Fire your tractor beam to collect the gems. Each time you collect, you will increase your score multiplier and also increase your speed. Avoid the obstacles because if you hit them, you will slow down.

Rift Wars requires an Oculus Rift, an Xbox controller and a fairly recent and powerful GPU.

Download the fully playable demo :

If you have trouble with the download, try right-clicking the link and selecting "open in new tab"

Rift Wars Demo on MediaFire

Rift Wars Demo on Amazon Cloud Drive