Elevator To The Clouds : Breaking Free from Physical Walls in Virtual Spaces

My latest contribution to the VR Holodeck at NYU. This time, let's install elevators! How does it feel to get lifted up, higher and higher from your starting place?

z0ne at Virtual Reality NYC : A Short Documentary Film

A little while back I had the opportunity to work with a couple of talented film makers as they followed me to the Virtual Reality NYC Meetup.

Special thanks to Scintilla Films / scintillaproduction.com for shooting and producing this video!

z0ne Promo Video : Post GDC/PAX 2015

We had an amazing time showing z0ne at GDC and PAX East 2015!

Mobile VR : What I've Learned - Philly VR 03/25/2015

I had the opportunity to present this talk at the Philly VR Meetup. It's pretty technical and will be of most use to VR developers working in Unity.

Z0NE On Tour - GDC 2015

GDC in San Francisco. It was all about VR this year, and I was there. What an amazing week.