Greetings from CES 2016

I'll never tire of putting smiles like these on people's faces.

VR Showreel 2015

This video highlights the various things I've done over the past two years in the field of consumer virtual reality.

z0ne on Tour : VR meets Classic Trance at the Best NYC Party in Years

Watch what happened when I brought z0ne in to a packed Classic Trance party at Stage 48 in NYC on Friday. DJ's Adam Scott, Talla 2XLC, and Rank 1 played an I provided the VR entertainment.

Special thanks to Michael Poselski for the fantastic cover shot.

Environment Synthesis for VR with Unity 5's Awesome New Lighting

I gave this impromptu talk at this month's NYVR Developers Group meeting at Samsung's midtown Accelerator. I show how I've learned to create original High Dynamic Range lighting environments, particularly suited to VR, in Cinema 4D, and then use them in Unity 5 as Global Illumination and reflection sources.

Breaking Free From Physical Walls in Virtual Spaces : Experiences in the Holodeck So Far

A recent talk I gave at Tumblr's HQ in Manhattan.