Our Fantastic Day at the Boston Festival of Independent Games

Last weekend Kelly and I both packed up our rigs and brought them up to the Boston Festival of Independent Games. What an awesome day we had. We just recently completed our DK2 port of Z0NE, but I had never yet seen it because I still don't have my own DK2. So here I was setting up a demo booth and getting ready to show off something which I had never even seen. Thanks to Billy from the Boston VR crew, we had a second DK2 to use for the day. My first time ever seeing Z0NE on the DK2 was just moments after powering up my rig on the show floor.


I wasn't expecting this. Everything looks so much better. The colors are bold and bright instead of washed out. The screen door is much less an issue. Overall, the scene before my eyes looks and feels much more real. I am impressed and encouraged by the progress in just a single generation.

Moments later, the first gamer sat down and then we spend the next eight hours giving non stop demos one two stations. Nearly three hundred gamers played a full level. I'm so glad that I had my camcorded with me so that I can share the experience.